• PureTan Dark Instant Tanning Foam
  • PureTan Dark Instant Tanning Foam
  • PureTan Dark Instant Tanning Foam

PureTan Dark Instant Tanning Foam



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Tan and shower in one hour.

Suitable for tanned or olive skin and those who demand a deep dark tan.

Pure Bronze Instant Tanning Foam was developed for busy people who demand a golden rich tan now! Using only the best ingredients and enriched with Moisturisers, your skin will feel soft and supple yet never feel greasy.

Salon Tan Proven Results

  • Tan & Shower in one hour- or wear longer for a deeper longer lasting golden colour.
  • Instant, non-streaky transfer resistant formulation.
  • Self-tan smell reduction technology- apply and wear with confidence.
  • Moisturiser base formulation- conditions your skin as you tan.
  • Super smooth, easy glide on formulation-no self-tan mishaps.


Follow these golden rules for your most natural-looking tan ever ’??? and see how easy it is to have a luxurious salon tan

For best results, exfoliate skin using Our Self-Tan Removal mitt. This ensures that old skin or previous self- tan build up is removed

Concentrate on knees, elbows, heels and knuckles (both toes and fingers) which tend to be extra dry. If you plan on shaving, do so before applying sunless tanner, not after

Remember, clean, smooth skin will always give you a more even and longer-lasting sunless tan

  • Dry yourself completely
  • No need to moisturise before applying due to Puretan’???s moisturising formulation
  • Apply sunless tanner evenly. For best results and easy application blend using Our self-tan Application Mitt.. Use a simple wiping motion until even. Be careful not to miss any spots
  • If you’???re applying over your whole body, start on larger surface areas like your arms and legs. Then, lightly blend any product remaining on your hand onto areas like knees, elbows,heels and knuckles that tend to be dry and absorb more colour
  • Similarly, go lightly around the upper lip and hairline. Avoid eye area
  • Wash hands with soap immediately after use
  • Allow body formulas to dry completely before dressing (5-10 minutes or so)
  • To maintain your colour, reapply as needed