• CaronLab Deluxe Strawberry Creme Microwaveable Hard Wax 800gm

CaronLab Deluxe Strawberry Creme Microwaveable Hard Wax 800gm



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CaronLab Microwaveable Hard Waxes (800 gram)

The pinnacle of the wax industry, Caronlab Australia waxes are formulated using only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing methods to ensure exceptional results and a luxurious salon experience.

Microwaveable Hard Waxes represent Revolutionary Technology. Simple and practicle microwave to pot professional hard wax!

For all of you who believe that perfection can not be improved Australia's original and No. 1 selling XXX white wax, Brilliance, is now available in a super convenient 800g microwaveable and heat resistant jar!

To experience the renowned Brilliance hard wax you know and love, simply place your wax in the microwave for ultra fast heating time, then insert the jar straight into your Caron Professional Wax Heater. No Mess, No Fuss! And definitely no Hammers!


DELUXE STRAWBERRY CREME.........Soft and silky xxx!

Deluxe Strawberry CrÇ?Çûme is designed to pamper the senses with a decadent strawberry scent and its luxurious velvety texture. With Titanium Dioxide to reduce redness and skin it's perfect for waxing delicate areas and for those with sensitive or mature skins. With superior flexibility to ensure a smooth, silky finish it is the ultimate wax for a deluxe XXX treatment. Once heated you can't mistake that luscious strawberry scent.