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GEL consistency - NOT cream
So much easier to mix
Better coverage
Less Mess!!
Lasting Results!!
Available In 15ml Tint Tubes of:

Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist is the Australian ambassador for e Color Brow Tint

"I stumbled upon e Color brow tint and have never looked back! My brow art has never looked better since using this formulation! I am in love with the shades, tones and the result this tint leaves. MMES clients are raving about their brows since using this tint. I can assure you that this will be your go-to tint as a beauty creative!" [Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist is the Australian ambassador for e Color Brow Tint]

The eColor tint range's point of difference is that each colour can be mixed and suited to each individual client. These highly pigmented colours can be all mixed with each other to create the perfect result! However with eColour, I would advise that you first purchase the range as a full kit first and then trial and test all the colours and find out which mixes best suit your client’s needs. This will allow you to deliver the best results.

As with any poison labelled product, you must be aware of the instructions inside each box. I recommend a small test patch behind the ear prior to treatment to check for any allergies or reactions. Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist is just the ambassador for this product and holds no responsibility or is not liable for any client reactions. Please contact eColor directly for further information if you are unsure.

This specifically formulated tint is a brow stylist essential.
This range is for the professional market only.


Natural brown:

This warm toned shade of brown is for a true brunette.
The first innovative shade of brown which will not turn your brows black!!
The versatility in this shade allows you to either naturally stain the hair with a duration of 1 minute or leave a perfect stained shape with a duration of 2-3 minutes.
Tint will last up to 3 weeks on the hair and 1 week on the skin leaving a shaded style for you to follow when filling in your brow!

Light Brown:

The best thing about Light brown is this is your base to mix and match all colours!

For example:
Singularly it is the perfect tone for a blonde-medium brown hair.
Mixed with half of "Natural brown" it is a stunning medium brown shade
Mixed with half even portions of graphite it is your go-to for covering grey hairs for a more mature client
Mixed with black it will be the best for a black haired client and mixed with 3:1 ratio
Natural brown it will give a light brown haired client a longer staying soft shade of brown

This colour is a must have in your tint range for creating all the shades of brown you need.


Graphite is best used for clients with grey hair and must be added to counteract and tone the hair. Graphite can also be added to ash to light brown this is the perfect shade.


Never use black solo on a client-It is a colour to mix with all other shades to create depth and a longer lasting brow tint.


Add 4-5 drops or additional if the consistency is too dry. Do not make the tint too watery as this will not result in the desired effect.